A Season for Sin – Vicky Dreiling – 3 stars

August 30, 2012 Uncategorized 0

A Season for Sin

I’m going to start this off by saying this is not a review for the entire story as it is just a teaser of what the book will be like.  This being said I did enjoy it and look forward to the full novel.

 Laura is a widow attempting to raise her stepson who is now 17 and hanging out with the wrong crowd.  She is trying her best to cope but soon is forced to make a deal with the “devil”.  She seems to be a good person and is immediately stunned by our hero’s looks and presence.

Bell…  Earl of Bellingham…  so sexy but so rigid…  He has recently ended his relationship with the latest mistress and needs to find someone to take her place.  He never wants to get married and is extremely strict with his life.  I mean the man gets bent out of shape when his chef tries to get him to try something new for breakfast.  This is a man who can’t bend but loves challengers.  He’s a bit out of sorts though as his friends are all wedding around him and settling in to married loving bliss.  He never wants to get married or have kids although we don’t get to see the full reason why in this teaser.

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