The Siren – Tiffany Reisz – 5 Stars – Contest!!

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The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1)
I have to start by saying “Why did I fucking wait so long to read this?????”
I also have to warn that this book is not for the fainthearted.  I know I cannot do it complete justice in my review but hey I’m going to try anyway.
The Siren deserves so much more than just 5 stars as it is an incredibly deep read with a whole lot of mindfuckery going on.  Yes I said it…  it is a MINDFUCK kind of book.  Sure there is sex…  sure there is BDSM but at the heart of this book are the mindgames that are used by Nora and Søren.  

I first got a glimpse of Nora in Seven Day Loan which shows her younger and still with Søren.  She’s interesting in that glimpse but the completely grown up version is so much more enjoyable.  You see at this time she has left Søren to become a Dominatrix by trade but a writer by preference.  She writes erotic novels that have resulted in her becoming famous but she isn’t satisfied.  She really wants to be a true writer and not just this hack.  She wants legitimacy and recognition plus the paycheck that goes along with working for a larger more storied publishing house.  She’s still a submissive but only with Søren otherwise she has all the power.  Sex is not something she balks at but it isn’t what she does with any of her male clients only her female ones.  

Zach….  sigh…  such an interesting specimen.  He starts this book by being incredibly judgmental and condescending but as he gets drawn more and more to Nora he opens up and man oh man can he be sexy. There is a mental game at play between Nora and he thru the book that while heartbreaking is such a wonderful thing to read.  He is still deeply in love with his wife and you can’t help but hope that he gets all the happiness he deserves.  Part of me wanted him to end up with Nora but the bigger part of me wanted the happy ending for he and Grace especially when you learn more about the pair.  When he finally breaks down the wall you see what he can be and what Nora always knew even though it broke her heart a bit.

Wesley …  this was probably the most heartbreaking relationship to see in this entire book other than just Nora herself.  He’s such a sweet young man and you want him to get what he wants but know it isn’t meant to be.  He’s just too innocent for the world Nora inhabits and needs to find someone that is truly a match for him.  He deserves better than he got in this book but I honestly loved watching how it played out.  I’m glad to see that we will not lose him completely but it was hard to read the ending of this phase of his relationship with Nora.

Kingsley – I just want to say I am hoping to see more of him in the future.  The glimpses you get have me interested but in this case he is more of a friend and boss to Nora.  

Ok…  and now to the hardest man to speak of…

Søren…. what can I say…  he’s just this presence that fills up the book even though he makes very few appearances.  He’s a priest…  Dom (although this doesn’t really do him justice)… Sadist…  and just in general an incredible master of how to mindfuck you.  He loves Nora…  he really does but may not be what she really needs even though she is drawn to him like no other.  He still owns her lock, stock and barrel even though she is “free” of him.  She loves him…  I think fears him…  and hates him…  scary thing to see but he does let her go and live a life apart from him even though he doesn’t want to.  I loved his true anniversary gift to her but watching how he manipulates those around him was a bit scary.  I would not want to cross him nor would I want to become something he was fascinated with he’s just too scary for me.  Not that it doesn’t seem to make me want more of him anyway..  LOL

Ok…  I’m babbling now but go out and grab this one cause damn…  sure there is sex but ya know that isn’t why I loved it..  I loved the way I was so drawn in to the characters that I cried like a baby during some sections of this book…  it was a mentally exhausting read but I loved every second of it.

Special thanks to and Harlequin for giving me this in exchange for an honest review..  I also went and picked it up since I loved it so much.

Go read this yesterday…  LOL

Just to encourage more people to grab this…  I am going to give away a Kindle version of this book to a lucky commentor.  Please leave your comment and email address you would want the book sent to by September 3rd at 11:59 pm CT.  

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  1. Mandi

    Oh such a good book. I think the relationships explored here are so amazing. Def my favorite (series) of the year.

  2. BonTempsCutie

    Just finished this last night and mentally exhausted describes me perfectly today! And I agree, I didn't love it for the sex – I loved it for its completer and utter MINDFUCKERY!Thanks for the giveaway!bontempscutie at

  3. BonTempsCutie

    THANK YOU STEPHANIE!! And for some crazy reason I thought this was for a copy of THE ANGEL. But you can never have too many copies of THE SIREN!