Born to Bite – Hannah Howell/Diana Crosby/Erica Ridley – 3 Stars

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Born to Bite

You know how at times when you get a book of short stories/novellas you only love one…  like a second one and really dislike a third?  Or you love one and dislike the other 2?  This thankfully wasn’t one of those times.  While I didn’t love love love any of them they were all nice quick reads and are worth the time you’ll need to read them.

Dark Secret – Hannah Howell:
Murdina is desperately trying to find the only family she has left and is trying to hide her psychic power lest she be condemned as a witch like her other family members.  She meets a mysterious man and is compelled to help him keep his secrets from other members of the household she is employed by.  This results in her running away with him to his homeland and discovering the love of her life plus a sense of home and belonging she didn’t have anywhere else.  This was a nice quick read and I would like to maybe read more set in this world.

Never Been Bitten – Erica Ridley:
This was sort of fun…  Vampire sent to bring back a rogue vampiress whounknowingly has a daughter.  It was fun seeing the daughter come in to her birthright and meet the man who would give up his position to be with her.  You see she isn’t supposed to exist and the culture in place at home would demand her death rather than letting her live in peace.  He is sufficiently hot and watching the dance between the pair was entertaining.  Oh and add the whole appearances in front of the ton and you have a recipe for a bit of humor because heaven forbid you have anything other than perfect manners or want to be more than just a flighty female.  🙂

Highland Vampire – Diana Cosby: 
Interesting premise in this one…  Fey and Vampire do not mix but in this one you have a Fey and Vampire who are drawn together despite it being a huge no-no.  Aedan was hugely protective and loved watching him decide he would take whatever punishment his need to save Rowan would bring down on him but she is his dammit.  Nice sexy read without being too little story too much sex.  

Overall I enjoyed the 3 stories and will keep an eye out for more from the authors.

Special thanks to and Kensington for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Born to Bite – Hannah Howell/Diana Crosby/Erica Ridley – 3 Stars

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