When Lightning Strikes – Brenda Novak – 4 stars

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I must say I have enjoyed the little novella and now this book set in Whiskey Creek.  My only wish was that this wasn’t a trilogy but maybe we will get lucky and see a lot more of this fun little town.

 We start this story in LA where Gail is desperately trying to save her business after she lets her opinion of a former client actually come to light.  She says some pretty hurtful things about him and although they are completely true probably not the best thing to do when in the PR business for entertainers.  She’s a bit uptight, driven and very loyal to her employees and friends.  She can’t bear to lose their livelihoods and all the business she has poured her heart in to just because she voiced her honest opinion.

Simon…  sigh…  such a tortured misunderstood man.  From the outside you just see an actor who is living the extreme party life…  the epitome of the bad boy.  After all he did cheat on his now ex-wife and then had a restraining order taken out on him by her after he fought her brother.  This results in him losing contact with his son which is something that is killing him inside.  He buries his pain under women and alcohol which loses him his PR manager, Gail, who gets fed up and drops him as a client.  When drunk he directs his manager to get a bit of revenge on her not knowing the depths that this a@# will go to.  Yes…  Ian is an a#$.  I can’t help but say that because he does some pretty despicable things in order to get Simon to keep making him money.

Anyway….  Gail goes to beg Simon to put a stop to the exodus she is experiencing so she can save her company and employees jobs.  Unfortunately her assistant didn’t know she was going to do this and manufactures a scandal that not only is out and out false but jeopardizes Simon’s hopes of ever getting to see his son again.  Needless to say he isn’t happy but Ian/Gail come up with a plan to not only save her business but reform Simon.  He has to marry and not just marry but marry the right woman who can redeem him.

Guess who fits the bill….  LOL…  This is a nice story in that both H/h find things out about themselves and the results are magical.  Simon is just such a naughty, naughty boy but with an incredible wounded soul.  He is just a big softy and when he truly finds what it means to love he does it hard and lasting.  

The ending was slightly rushed but I loved seeing the changes the two leads brought to each other and look forward to seeing glimpses in the future.

Also….  can we just give Kyle a break in either one of these books or give him a novella?  I’m hoping the person that this books hints at him divorcing is the witch he married in the prior novella…

Anyway…  thanks to NetGalley.com and Harlequin for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for an honest review. 

When Lightning Strikes – Brenda Novak – 4 stars

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