Close Enough to Touch – Victoria Dahl – 5 stars

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This is my first Victoria Dahl book and it won’t be my last.  I have followed her on Twitter for a while and love watching her banter back and forth with fans, bloggers and fellow authors.  She has a quick wit and no real filters which makes her very interesting.

This book was a surprise in that it was a lot darker than I expected but I loved seeing the bits of humor and the incredible sadness that our main characters experience.  Both are damaged but this book shows their emergence in to healthy happy individuals.

Grace is an old soul in a younger body.  She has been thru a lot in her years on this Earth and emerged a bit of a shell of a human.  She is so bound and determined to not need anyone or anything that she has become brittle and in this book you see her realize this and acknowledge that maybe it isn’t what she really wants to be.  She is hard…  incredibly sarcastic…  brash…  and a bit of a bitch if you just take her at face value.  She meets her neighbor and immediately feels something for him but tries to bury it as a I just need to scratch an itch nothing more.

Cole is a man who is out of sorts right now.  He doesn’t want anything other than to be able to get back on a horse and complete his goal of purchasing a local ranch.  He’s been thru a lot and wears his bitterness over things that happened when he was still young like a badge on his heart.  He is fascinated by Grace and her edges but sees something underneath that is like a warm beacon to his heart.  He gives her what she thinks she wants just so he can have a door in to her but knows he wants more than what she is willing and capable of at this time.  As they get to know each other (as much as Grace will let him) they have to confront ghosts from both their pasts.

The ghosts in this case cause some angst and major blow-ups during this novel but I enjoyed the depth that Dahl was able to bring to both characters.  Was the sex hot…  oh yeah baby it was but…  I loved the interaction between the pair and how much healing both of them manage to give one another without realizing how much it meant.  Both have major things to work out and I don’t think it was glossed over as much as some authors would have chosen to.  I appreciated the steamy scenes as even though the characters don’t acknowledge to one another how different this hook up is, you as the reader see that these two damaged souls complete each other and make each other better people.

The secondary characters were nice but this is truly a book about two damaged souls finding the love they never realized they needed in the last places they would have ever looked.  They really do complete each other and I hope we get to see a bit more of them.

Thanks to and Harlequin for letting me read this in exchange for my honest my review. 

Close Enough to Touch – Victoria Dahl – 5 stars

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