Rise of Hope – Kaily Hart – 3.5 Stars

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Rise of Hope

This was a good start to what is planned to be a 5 book series.  I like the idea of a hidden, nearly extinct race and everything that implies.

Devon has been held prisoner since she was a baby.  She can’t remember anything other than being raised at a compound where no-one could touch her and she herself was allowed no privacy or freedoms.  Sure she could walk around the compound but some areas were barred to her and she was never allowed to be by herself.  She doesn’t know why this is and has been trying to get out from this imprisonment.  She ends up getting helped by a group of men that end up being more that just herrescuers.  They end up becoming a true family for her.  She is strong, smart and an extremely caring person even with all that she has gone thru.  She doesn’t feel worthy of anything though due to being kept hostage by people who didn’t care about her or even show her the least bit of human comfort.  

Seth is an interesting hero in that he is strong but has this inner I’m worthless attitude that hs enabled him to keep his distance from anyone or anything.  He wants to be alone (so he thinks) because of his past and you can’t help but want him to finally break down and need someone/let them in.   He keeps this wall around himself that once you know why it is there you can’t help but feel for him.  He has not had an easy life but under the mess he is an incredibly devoted, caring man.  He has a wonderful heart and you love when the pair finally come together.

Devon and Seth are Vadim which means that they each have a unique gift that for the men is typically a physical ability (Seth is a sort of chameleon in that he can take on the identity/appearance of someone he has touched) and women seem to have a mental ability (Devon can compel anyone touching her to do what she wants them to do).  They also have markings that appear around puberty that match the person they are truly meant to be with.  In this case the pair have the same markings although her markings are more feminine and are designed to mesh with his when they are connected sexually.  

I enjoyed watching the pair dance around each other but boy when they finally release the tension it was a smoking hot scene.  You can tell that she gets the physical affection she desperately needed and the support to be who she is meant to be from him.  He in return finds the heart he has always kept buried but also finds someone who truly accepts him.

Lovely story and I am looking forward to more in this series…  Thanks toNetGalley.com and Carina Press for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Rise of Hope – Kaily Hart – 3.5 Stars

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