The Guardian of Bastet – Jacqueline M. Battisti – 4 stars

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The Guardian of Bastet

I have to agree with another reviewer that at first I did not like our heroine.  Give her a chance she does grow on you as she becomes what others knew she could be.

Trinity comes from a powerful family of witches on her mom’s side and a puma shifter family on her dad’s.  Unfortunately she didn’t inherit either side’s power and instead is a bit of a dud in spell-casting and her shifter form is that of a house-cat.  She has dealt with this by being a bit of a whiny woe is me brat at the beginning of the story but when forced in to becoming the legendary Guardian of Bastet she unlocks the power that has always lain dormant within her.  She gets pulled in to a battle with a demon and has to quickly embrace the magic within her by virtue of an amulet given to her by a vampire.  When you first meet her she shuns any sort of true responsibility but prefers to live as much as possible like a normal human being.  She works as a vet and when a young werewolf is brought in with life ending injuries she has to not only end the wolf’s suffering she unfortunately stumbles in to the over-all plot of a demon.  The vampire gives her the amulet and tells Trinity she truly does have power she just needs to grow up and work for it.  We go thru a lot of pain as the demon and his summoners are revealed, people die, people get slapped down as Trinity finally grows up, and get to meet who is most likely Trinity’s mate.

Gordon…  sigh…  How I wish we were able to see more of you…  you are a wonderful Alpha who understands how to lead and how to follow when the situation calls for it.  I wanted to see more of your sexiness but *sigh* maybe she’ll write more and we can see you and Trinity become a true couple with more smexy times..  LOL….

Overall don’t go in to this story thinking romance…  go in to it to see a woman finally grow up and become what she was meant to be..  Kick ass…  Tell off the overbearing witch of a Grandmother and in general enjoy the world Jacqueline has created.

Special thanks to and Carina Press for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review. 

The Guardian of Bastet – Jacqueline M. Battisti – 4 stars

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