Montana Dreams – Jillian Hart – 2 stars

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Montana Dreams

 Let me start by saying I wanted to like this book…  I really did but it was a bit of a letdown.

Millie left  Montana rather abruptly 10 years ago due to some issues with her father and the love of her life abruptly dumping her when she started asking him about marriage, kids and a future.  She is back in town to take care of her dying father and has not had the easiest of lives since then.  You see…  she is a mom to a 9 year old boy…  and the dad is….  wait for it…  her ex.  Oh and he doesn’t know.  Now now…  normally I don’t like the whole secret kid thing either but the reasons for not telling her ex are understandable when you put in context that both of them were raised in households where they weren’t really loved or wanted.  He made his feelings clear on the subject of kids so she did what she felt was best for the child.

Hunter…  I liked him a lot even when he was being an idiot.  He claims to not believein love but he has always loved Millie he was just too stubborn and stupid to admit it.  He ran from commitment and love which ended up costing him 10 years with the woman who is his soul-mate.  He tries to put his feelings on hold but slowly starts to realize what he had and what he wanted.  He does have a major issue when he finally finds out about his son which I can completely understand but then when he thinks about it…  He realizes why she did it and that she never truly meant to hurt him.  

My major gripe with the book was this whole story went incredibly slow as the two of them spend time around one another and start to realize nothing ever went away but then once he knows the secret we went from I hate her…  to I love her…  to Marry Me in about 30 seconds.. (Slight exaggeration) but then we abruptly get an epilogue.  I would have liked to see more of them finding their footing and truly building the relationship after the big reveal but that wasn’t meant to be.

Thanks to and Harlequin Love Inspired for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review. 

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