Hell on Wheels – Julie Ann Walker – 4 Stars – Contest!!

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Hell on Wheels (Black Knights, Inc., #1)

This was a fun read that also has a few moments of utter heartbreak but I loved loved loved reading about it and have In Rides Trouble in queue.  She cannot write them fast enough I think for me.

Ali Morgan has suffered an incredible loss when she lost her only sibling, Griggs, who was her rock and her only true family.  Sure she has both parents but..  they aren’t exactly the loving type.  They are so wrapped up in one another they never truly were parents to her and her brother.  She is the victim of a mugging and realizes someone is following her so she does the one thing she doesn’t really want to do.  She goes to Chicago to get Nate to help her.  She has always felt an attraction to Nate but disguises this as loathing rather than the lust/love she truly feels.  They did have an incredibly hot moment shortly after the funeral (no sex but hot just the same) but it never went anywhere since Nate once again withdrew from her life.  She shows up at the “motorcycle shop” her brother and Nate both work(ed) for and immediately knows it isn’t what it seems.  I mean come on both men were Special Forces so what do you think they are now doing.  She is bugged to high heaven and they all start to quickly realize there is more to the story than what they know.  She is strong but knows she is in over her head but won’t let her fear override her need to figure out what exactly her brother was involved in and why it involves her.

The Black Knights are a group of fix-it men that take jobs from the government that cannot be done using traditional channels.  They basically can get it and complete missions that while necessary violate many laws that just can’t be bent by traditional methods.  They are an incredible bunch of people and rally around Ali in her time of need..  that is ..  all but one person who keeps trying to maintain his distance from her and acts like he hates her.

Nate …. *sigh* …  what a tortured wonderful soul you are.  He is definitely ALPHA to the core but man oh man when this man talks… WOWZA…  He doesn’t say much but damn when he lets loose and tells her why he has avoided her like the plague for years I was like DAYUM…  Tell it like it is…  He loves her, has always loved her and only her but Griggs warned him off.  When he finally acknowledges his feelings and they have one night of amazing sex he closes up and cuts her off.  He is cruel but is also holding on to a horrible secret which he is convinced will make it where she will not only run away from him but also hate him for the rest of her life.  He doesn’t want this so does what he believes he has to do to protect her.  You do get to see quite a bit of caveman attitude from him but as you get to know why he is behaving the way he does you can’t help but hurt for him.  The secret is angst worthy and I can understand why he thinks it curses them ever finding happiness.

Overall a great introduction to the series and now off to read book 2 about Becky and Frank…  I hope there is some good groveling by Frank in it cause damn he’s going to need all the help he can get…  LOL

Special thanks to NetGalley.com and  Sourcebooks Casablanca for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

Hell on Wheels – Julie Ann Walker – 4 Stars

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