Shattered Magic – Rebecca York – 2 stars

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Shattered Magic

This was a bit of a *meh* read due to the length of the story I think.  It was a good premise but I found myself wishing for a bit more and I think if it had a bit of a longer treatment this would have been a great read.

Rowan lives in an ultra-protected village where she can use her telekinetic/psychic powers without fear of persecution or death.  She is forced to flee the village to the outside world due to an evil man wanting her for his wife.  He has confided in her his plans and she seems to be the only person capable of seeing thru his facade.  She runs in to the hero in this story as she flees and decides that one way to make herself worthless to the plans her betrothed has for her is to lose her virginity.

Grant is this “lucky” man.  He is a prince of the kingdom that would kill her people if they knew of the village’s existence.  He ends up trapped with her in a cave and they have moments of “No, I shouldn’t” to “Dear god I want” until they finally do the deed.  Shortly after this she discovers who he actually is and starts to use her magic to escape the cave.  When she is discovered he goes a bit off the deep end and harms her.  They then figure out who the evil man is and both go to rid the world of him.  

I’m not going to go much more in to this as then what’s the point of reading it but suffice it to say in very short succession they are exchanging ILY and will end up living their own HEA.

I wish this had been a longer treatment cause he really needed to do more groveling in my opinion but hey it is what it is…  Nice quick read but unfortunately could only give it 2 stars.  I will keep an eye out for more by this author though cause I think she has promise.

Special thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

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