Men of Smithfield – Mark & Tony or Gobsmacked (old title) – L.B. Gregg – 3 Stars

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Men of Smithfield: Mark and Tony (Men of Smithfield, #1)

As some of you know I am just venturing out in to M/M romances.  This story is a re-release of the title – Gobsmacked – but as I hadn’t read the original I cannot tell you how much may have been edited or added to the original story.

Mark is having a really crappy day…  He walked in on his boyfriend having sex with their truly disgusting landlord…  He backs out of the room without either man seeing him but then does something that had me giggling…  He quietly goes in to a pew behind him at Mass and hits him over the head with a book.  This of course causes a scene and he heads home to pack up and throw out everything that belongs to his now ex.  He has a lot to work thru and finding out that the ex also has stolen all of his money plus not paid the rent like he said he has just makes his day/week go all to hell.

Tony is a cop that has known Mark for years.  He originally was closeted (Mark has been openly gay for years even in high school) and rebuffed Mark all those years ago.  He is a protector of Mark and has always wanted him even though he kept it to himself out of fear.  This time he is there to help Mark recover from the humiliation his ex is putting him thru but is also there to finally claim what he has always wanted.

When these two get together it is hot, fast and oh dear gawd lusty.  My only complaint is it was a very quick transition on Mark’s part from his ex to Tony but at the same time there is a long history between the two men so the fast progression is within the realm of possibility.

There is more than just this connection involved in the story but you’ll have to read it to find out everything…  Evil of me I know.

Special thanks to and Carina Press for giving me the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Men of Smithfield – Mark & Tony or Gobsmacked (old title) – L.B. Gregg – 3 Stars

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