The Bloodgate Warrior – Joely Sue Burkhart – 3 stars

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The Bloodgate Warrior (The Maya Bloodgates, #2)

This one was a smoking hot read but a bit disturbing at times with all the biting, scratching and bleeding.  Let’s just say they both like it a bit rough and fighting is definitely encouraged.

Cassandra has been having explicit dreams since she nearly drowned.  Her grandmother gives her an ancient diary that has been handed down thru generations of women in her family.  This diary makes her dreams seem less crazy and more potentially life-changing than she expected.  She decides to go on vacation to Guatemala to see if there is any truth to the diary and if this will hold the answers to why she is experiencing these incredible yet disturbing dreams about a warrior.  As she and her friend enter Guatemala there is an earthquake which does play a part later in the story.

Técun is the warrior Cassandra has been dreaming of.  He turns out to be a Mayan god who actually is a being from another dimension.  He is Alpha, scary, loyal, devoted, and much much more to both her and his people.  He has returned to our world to finish off his mortal enemy who killed him in his last incarnation.  He likes to dominate and her blood helps strengthen his hold on power plus bring him in to this world again.  She opens a portal that allows him to come to her in the flesh and complete their bonding.

Part of this bonding includes him biting her to drink her blood but in doing so he not only marks her with his magic but she gets a really neat tattoo.  They both come together many times in this book both in dreams and in one majorly hot yet disturbingly bloody sacrificial scene that while both get incredible orgasms had me a bit squeamish with all the biting, clawing and blood drawing that occurred.  

Take a chance on this read because the Mayan references and details were wonderful to see.

A nice quick read but if blood letting, biting and extreme control are not your thing you might want to be a bit careful.

Special thanks to Carina Press and for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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