Kansas City Cowboy – Julie Miller – 3 Stars

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Kansas City Cowboy

Not a bad read and has me wanting to read more in this mini-series.  I want to know who the Red Rose Rapist is and if we actually met him in this book.  I’m thinking we did and maybe just maybe I know who it is…

Both leads in this book have a common experience in infidelity and it plays a major role in some of the problems they encounter as they start to act on their amazing chemistry.

Kate is the Kansas City Police Department Forensic Psychologist and also acts as the public face for a task force investigating a serial rapist who may have just added murder to his repertoire.  She was cheated on by her husband and best friend which was brutally revealed to her when he had a fatal heart attack in the midst of a tryst.  She still has to deal with the ex-best friend and has shut off her heart and ability to trust anything other than her work since that time.  She is directed to handle Boone by the task force as he wants to barge in on this investigation due to the murder victim being his baby sister.  She also is having to deal with being targeted by an unknown assailant driven to leave messages on her vehicle and violate the sanctity of her home.

Boone is a small town sheriff burned by his now ex-wife who not only cheated on him but trashed his love of the small town and being comfortable with the country/ranch life.  He doesn’t quite know how to handle his sudden attraction to Kate or his fear that she will be exactly like his ex and not understand or be able to live a slower paced life with him.  He understandably is also reeling from his baby sister’s murder and the secrets it uncovers.  He’s brooding…  Alpha….  protective…. annoyingly stubborn…  and oh so sexy when he makes up his mind to act on this chemistry with Kate.  He pushes her past her insecurities and what they end up with is a wonderful thing to see.  I really hope we get to see them in the future and they truly remain blissfully happy.

The suspense and mystery of who killed his sister and who the rapist is were wonderfully done with a slight twist of who the mystery assailant was playing nicely in understanding the main pair and a really great insight in to how they can/will make their relationship work in the future.  After all everything between them is about trust and they realize that they can truly trust each other which is wonderful to see.

Special thanks to Harlequin Intrigue and NetGalley.com for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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