The Druid Stone – Heidi Belleau – 3 Stars

August 6, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Let me start this by saying I am relatively new at reading M/M books but this one was so much more than the romance.  You have sidhe, druids, and other Irish folklore appearing thru this book.  You also have some heavier pschological issues at play which makes this a compelling read.

Sean has inherited a stone from his grandfather and since it became his it has given him nightmares of being tortured and killed in Ireland.  He has decided to give one last shot at clearing this up and maybe get a life by coming to Ireland to force a druid to help him.  He finds not only the cure to the nightmares but something he never expected.

Cormac..  sigh… what a tortured troubled soul.  Haunted by his past lover being taken to the sidhe realm he isn’t looking for anything other than a series on one night stands and even has a section on his phone called “Reliable” for those who would be good to hook up with as needed.  He doesn’t want to help Sean but gets drug in to this hunt for how to help him.  As this occurs he also gets pulled in from a more personal standpoint and finds himself falling for someone that will turn out to be more than just a temporary part of his life.

I enjoyed the dynamic between the two men but to be honest the sidhe and the history was more interesting to me than the main pairing.  The story is richly drawn and is a good bet if you are interested in Ireland at all.

Thanks to Carina Press and for giving me the chance to read this as it turned out to be more than expected.

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