Planning for Love – Christi Barth – 4 stars

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Planning for Love (Aisle Bound Trilogy, #1)

Let me start this by saying I’m normally not a fan of those people who in real life are like Ivy.  Those are the people in real life I want to just strangle…  but for some reason in this book I liked her.

Ivy is one of those women who is in love with love.  She has rose-colored glasses onwhen it comes to love which makes her chosen profession a good fit.  She is a wedding planner who is blindsided by a reality show at one of her events.  She of course is very concerned when she finds out as this show is known for hyping the trash factor and making it look more scandalous than it often is.  She meets Ben and they have a very intense one-night stand – day after until she makes a comment that makes Ben freak out on her a bit…  Just a wee bit..  but picks up the scraps and goes back to reality until..

Ben is not in the market for any sort of relationship other than the no commitment type..  aka sex and just sex but nothing more.  He doesn’t even really have a home but has his stuff floating from place to place with his sister.  He believes his family is cursed when it comes to love since that is an old family legend.  Plus I mean if no-onein your family for a few generations has been able to have a relationship work there has to be something to the whole curse thing right???  He comes back in to Ivy’s life by virtue of another show that the network has decided to do on wedding planners.  He was going to leave the network but the other job fell thru so now back to reality TV.  The crew fell thru and back to the grind he goes.  He and Ivy come to an understanding that they will have to work together so deal with it.  

This is where the fun begins…  you see their chemistry is off the charts but Ivy does relationships only and Ben doesn’t so we can’t act on it..  nope not going to act on it…  but *sigh* I have to act on it but it doesn’t mean what you think it means Ivy so lets just go out.  — Note how clueless he is —  

Ivy plays along but hopes that he will come around as long as she keeps sex out of the equation he’ll realize that he really loves her and finally join the land of the committed.

I’m going to be good and stop at this point so I don‘t give it all away but take a chance and read this.  I enjoyed watching the clueless Ben fumble his way thru this and the supporting cast was enjoyable.  Please give us more of these people in the future… Please…  LOL

Thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Planning for Love – Christi Barth – 4 stars

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