Deserving of his Diamonds – Melanie Milburne – 3 Stars

August 2, 2012 Uncategorized 0

This was a nice read.  Reminded me a bit of old-school Harlequins but not quite as cheesy.  

 Emilio finds out 2 years after he broke his engagement to Gisele that he should have believed her when she said she was innocent.  You see he broke the engagement due to the discovery of a sex tape purported to have her with another man.  He watched the tape and believed that she was lying to him.  Unfortunately for him she was innocent and the woman in the tape was her twin that she didn’t know about.  He then decides he must see her again to get the woman he believes will make the perfect corporate wife.  Once he sees her again he realizes she isn’t the meek woman he used to know but has more backbone and a feisty temper to match him better than he thought ever could happen.

Gisele was a meek innocent woman when she and Emilio first met and became involved.  The cruel way he cut her out of his life was underscored by what she discovered after their split and the aftermath of that discovery.  She has rebuilt her life in Australia far away from him in Italy.  She is still picking up the pieces but is determined to not let him back in to her life since she wonders he must really not love her.  I mean he never said it and his actions both then and now have her wondering if he is capable of loving her and trusting her the way she deserves.  She gets persuaded to act as if they have rekindled their relationship by him blackmailing her but then realizes he is the only man that can hold her heart.  
They of course have ups and downs in this reunion but overall it was a satisfying story.  Take a chance but suspend your reality lenses and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to and Harlequin for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

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