Forever and a Day – Jill Shalvis – 5 Stars

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Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6)

I loved this book…  You’ll get hysterical laughter moments…  some sniffle moments and some Awwwwwwwwwwwwww moments in this book.

Grace has never felt like she quite lived up to the expectations of her adoptive parents.  She is incredbily driven and smart but compared to her parents not quite up to snuff.  She is at a crossroads in her life and landed in Lucky Harbor with no permanent job but the willingness to work hard anyway.  She is not looking for love nor is she wanting a commitment of any kind since she doesn’t know what her future holds.  

Josh is burning the candle at both ends with his practice, time in the ER, volunteer shifts, raising his son, raising his sister and you name it.  He doesn’t make time for himself or relationships as he can’t figure out how anyone would want to sign up for being a part of his life.  That and his son’s mom was a piece of work.  I mean who walks out and leaves her child behind.  He’s not looking for anything other than maybe a quick roll in the sack but he can’t deny that his chemistry with Grace is off the charts.

They come together due to a mistaken belief that she is a dog-walker (Tank is wonderfully insane) then spend more time around one another as things come up that have her stepping in to take care of his son.  As they spend more and more time together the heat keeps building until, after a series of near completions, they finally come together in a scorching way.  This of course leads to more playing around and then….

Ok I have to stop now otherwise I will give a bit too much away.  There are quite a few people that you see along the way and will adore.  This was just a wonderful read and I hope she comes back for more in this town.  I know I have to go pick up the rest of the series as I have only read books 5 and 6.  

Loved it so go give it a try…. 

Special thanks to and Grand Central Publishing/Forever for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

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