Embrace the Dark – Caris Roane – 3 stars

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Embrace the Dark (The Blood Rose Series, #1)

This was a very quick read and has me interested in the series.

Abigail is a human opening a bakery in the Merhaine Realm.  She enjoys her time in this realm and is powerfully drawn to the mastyr vampire, Gerrod.  She finds herself powerfully drawn to him due to both his physical attributes and the fact that he is an extremely giving/noble man.  She is drawn more and more into Merhaine and does what she can to help protect the citizens once she sees a threat.

Gerrod is a wonderful leader but has convinced himself that even though he is incredibly drawn to Abigail he shouldn’t pursue a relationship with her since she is human.  He wants her but is convinced that it wouldn’t be good for her to stay nor would his people accept her as his mate.  He pushes her away but thankfully she is stubborn and gets him in a way that no-one ever saw coming.

I’ll not give away some of the main premise in the story but go check this one out if you are looking for a quick read and good start to a new series. 

Embrace the Dark – Caris Roane – 3 stars

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