Deceiving the Witch Next Door – Melissa Bourbon Ramirez – 3 stars

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Deceiving the Witch Next Door

This was a cute steamy read.  I loved the idea behind the story and am looking forward to more from both this author and potentially this series.

Storie Bell would like to forget at times that she is a witch.  She feels alone and isolated due to this fact but has a great friend who has become her only family.  She comes back to Bloomington TX to set up a home and a bakery/coffeeshop/bookstore.  She wants nothing more than to plant roots in the one town where she felt like she could be at home.  She isn’t expecting to ever find someone to love her…  I mean why should she…  they would just think she was crazy when she told them she was a witch plus it isn’t like she can completely hide that fact.  If she keeps it too bottled up it escapes but if she uses it then she is drained.  She just wants to be normal somewhere…

Reid is a man who is at odds with himself thru most of this book.  He has beleived all his life that he wasn’t meant for a small town but meant for the city.  I mean his mom has basically drilled that in to him over and over again.  He has himself beleiving this and doing one last item for his dad until he can get the heck out of dodge.  He does however remember one thing about his first time seeing Stormie and seeing her working next door in the one place he needs to search leaves him wanting…

There are a lot of missed moments and miscommunications between them plus a lot of heat and heart.  The two of them are definitely meant to be together and even though he doesn’t admit it at first he knows she is something special and not just in the magic department.  He does like most of us would and tries to rationalize some of the things he witnesses but when push comes to shove he beleives in her and supports the woman he has begun to see he can’t live without.

This has some eye-rolling moments but in general is a fun read.  The miscommunication and bad guy in this are at times a bit cheesy but the main pair are fun to get to know and watch.  You’ll also like the ideas that are left out there for some additional books so go have fun and read this.

Deceiving the Witch Next Door – Melissa Bourbon Ramirez – 3 stars

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