Avenging Angel – Anne Marie Becker – 3 stars

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I struggle to write down why this only gets 3 stars and the only thing I can come up with is it was a bit jarring at times.

Vanessa is working at an art gallery in Chelsea when her intern is brutally murdered.  As the story unfolds you get to see her come to terms with the murder but also discover what she really wants in her life.  She has been seeing Kenneth for 2 years but realizes early in this story that it wasn’t meant to be even though she knows her family will not approve.  She meets Noah and the sparks fly between them from moment one.

Noah is a Chicago detective in town to help his “adopted” family uncover who murdered a young member of the family.  He has a past that is heartbreaking and beleives himself unworthy of love.  Things like that happen to people who deserve it and not those who never truly had it other than the love his “adopted” family gave him.  He has always felt like an outsider so when he finally realizes his feelings it is almost too late.

I think my issue was we moved from moment to moment and it didn’t seem like you could keep track of the true timeline or perspective we were being told about.  It felt a bit disjointed and kept throwing me out of the scene just when I would start to get completely comfortable with it.  This being said I did enjoy the story and would love to see more of the main pair plus the secondary characters.  I also didn’t see the killer until it was revealed in the book which is pretty cool but then maybe that is why it was a bit disjointed…  hmmmm…  thinking about it…. Anyway take a chance but be a bit prepared for some moments of “Hey isn’t this only supposed to be 2 weeks and ummmm”

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Avenging Angel – Anne Marie Becker – 3 stars

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