When We Touch – Brenda Novak – 3 stars

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When We Touch (Whiskey Creek #1.5)

This was a nice quick read and sets me up to grab the next story set in Whiskey Creek.

Olivia was a nice character to meet and you feel horrible for the posistion she allows herself to be put in.  I liked her and understood why she went along with what she did even though I wish she had developed a backbone earlier than she did.  She is way too tolerant of her brat sister and the way her family treats her but she ends up with a great guy at the end who more than deserves to be her everything.

Brandon is just a wonderful leading man even if he doesn’t give himself enough credit.  He has wanted her for a long time but never felt like he was worthy of her or capable of being more than just a fling.  He knows that she is not the type of woman to have a fling with and knew even back in high school she was something special.  He has wanted her from afar (not too afar as he is the stepbrother of her ex-bf) but kept his distance until circumstances put them together again.  He was just oh so sexy and boy oh boy did the sparks fly from the first moment they spend time together in this novella.

Kyle is her ex.  They were together for a while until she decided to move away to get more experiences in life and open a wedding planning business away from Whiskey Creek.  As a part of that move she asked him for a break not realizing that her b of a sister would be waiting in the wings to make her move.  Noelle takes advantage of this break and purposefully becomes pregnant to tie Kyle to her.  Kyle being one to own up to his mistakes wants to make things right and decides to marry Noelle even though he isn’t truly in love with her (actually seems to realize he cannot stand the woman) but just doesn’t want to be a dad in name only.  He does seem to understand what he did was horrible but has made his bed and is going to lie in it no matter what.  He actually redeemed himself in my eyes and I didn’t hate him for what he did.  He and the main pair all have moments of closure and acceptance which made me very happy.

All I can say now is go out and give this novella a try.  It is short and sweet with some smexy moments …  

Special thanks to NetGalley.com and Harlequin Mira for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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