Lakeside Family – Lisa Jordan – 4 stars

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I have to preface this by saying I am normally not a Christian Romance reader.  That Being stated this was a wonderful story about two people reconnecting after an absence with a child’s life hanging in the balance.

Josie is a single mom working hard to make ends meet while supporting a daughter, Hannah, who is sick with leukemia.  She starts this story by making a trip to a nearby town to speak with Hannah’s father in hopes that he will be a bone marrow match.  She believes that he doesn’t care about them as he never has tried to contact her since he left about 10 years ago.  In her eyes this means he really doesn’t care but she is desperate for a cure or hope for her daughter.

Nick is a college professor who is understandably shocked to find out he has a daughter.  You see his mom kept the news from him and was killed 8 years ago in a car wreck that he feels responsible for.  This wreck not only killed his mom but left his younger brother unable to live on his own.  He is a good man and wants only to step up and do the right thing by the woman he realizes still holds his heart.

For those who like heat this is not the book for you but if you like a nice story about forgiveness and trust then this is the book for you.  While there is a bit of preaching it was not too heavy handed and the story flowed nicely as you got to see that at times things do work out in the end.  Love that is meant to be can and will win.  Time can heal a lot but when things are meant to be they tend to find a way to work.

I would recommend this to anyone that needs a heartwarming read and isn’t bothered by some Christian overtones.  Nice job to the author and I would be willing to read more by her.

Thanks to and Harlequin – Love Inspired – for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Lakeside Family – Lisa Jordan – 4 stars

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