Slave (Book 1) and Need (Book 2) – Sherri Hayes – 5 stars

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I recently  finished reading two books by Sherri Hayes – Slave and Need.  I have to say these were fascinatingly dark and tortured but with a ray of hope as the pair come to terms with each other and realize what they mean to each other.

These books ARE NOT for anyone that cannot handle brutality towards women and the reprecussions of abuse.  Please note that the hero in this series IS NOT the person who did this to her nor does he ever treat her badly.  He is there to help repair this horrificly broken woman and in turn she becomes his world in more ways than he ever imagined.

Stephan becomes aware of Brianna (Anna) thru a friend who advises there is a slave that he knows is not a slave of her free will and needs to be rescued.  Once he meets her and sees what his friend has said is true he purchases her from her slave master even though it is intrinsically against everything he beleives.  He will work to heal her spirit and give her back a free life.  He has to do things that he isn’t happy with but knows to get her back he has to become her Master at all times not just when playing.  He is incredibly patient with her and does nothing but attempt to win her trust.  He accomplishes this by slowly making her voice her opinions and by showing her that he won’t hurt her or lord her mistakes over her.  He gets her a car, works on getting her back in to school, gives her space to be herself and in general shows her that he wants her to come to him at any time she needs to plus that he will not ever ask her to do antyhing she is not capable of even if he wants it.

Brianna (Anna) has endured the most horrific treatment at the hands of her father and the man he sold her to.  She has been tortured, raped, and broken.  She is only 18 and this abuse started when she was 17…  She has never been made love to but instead was shown that sex was just pain and degradation  At the beginning of Slave you see a shell of a woman who won’t speak unless forced to, panics at the thought of thinking for herself and is constantly afraid of what will be expected of her or making a mistake.  She gradually starts to change and open up under the patient guidance of Stephan and is beginning to trust him.

I loved the way this worked as you watch an amazing man work his magic over a broken shell of a woman.  He was so patient even though his body wanted her, his heart cried out for her and his mind was so consumed with her.  He worked very patiently to bring her back and pushed when it was needed.  The only times you see him lose his temper are when she doesn’t communicate and even then he holds it in check so she won’t completely pull away.  I loved the pairing and am looking forward to more of this story.  I want to see what she becomes and how much more healing can be accomplished.

Thank you so much for allowing me to read this via NetGalley.  Keep me posted as more becomes available. 

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