Where the Heart Lies – Michelle Garren Flye – 4 stars

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This was a really sweet, sad story with a great ending.

 Alicia is a recently widowed woman who has moved her kids and self to her husband’s hometown to run the bookstore his parents own.  She is trying to hang on to her memories of him and do right by them.  There is a bit of sorrow to her that seems to lighten up when Liam is around.  

 Liam was her husband’s best friend in his younger days and has a lot of guilt over an incident that happened when they were both teenagers.  He also holds close to a major secret that her husband didn’t know about and it plays a part in some rough waters at the near end.  He is a very good man but the entire town seems to be warning Alicia to stay away from this supposed bad boy.

You as a reader will feel for her in her attempts to remain true to a man who is no longer there but plays a massive part in her heart and mind.  She is trying to reconcile the want she feels for Liam with the belief that it isn’t right for her to move on or want someone after such a short time.  Compound that with people telling her to stay away and that Liam is not the one for her or gossiping about things that haven’t even happened and you have a bit of angst.

I loved the story and would love a chance to get to see them again…  maybe a short story about what happens a year or so down the road would be wonderful.

If you want a sweet story with just a little heat this is a good fit.  It will make you sad but will also make you smile at the heart behind it.

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Carina Press for the chance to read this in exchange for my honest review. 

Where the Heart Lies – Michelle Garren Flye – 4 stars

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