Rogue’s Pawn – Jeffe Kennedy – 4 Stars

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Rogue's Pawn

This admittedly was a hard review to write due to the abrupt ending.  If I had not heard that this is only book 1 then my rating might have gone down to a 3 due to the ending.

Good news is this is book 1 so my hope is that the rushed ending will be fleshed out more in book 2 and  we will get to have the details plus resolution you crave at the end of this work.
 Gwynn (Jennifer) is a strong heroine in that while she does have some moments of self-pity they do not overwhelm her and rule her life in this new strangely compelling world of magic.  She decides on a whim to finally leave the man she is set to marry but does not love and is drawn to Devil’s Tower where she unknowingly opens a bridge to a world of magic and fae.  Once there she discovers that she has magical powers and has to quickly learn how to play by rules that are not explained to her or die.  She ends up being a pawn of stronger fae including the enigmatic Rogue…  She is tortured and manipulated by all that she comes in contact with but underneath the panic and mistreatment a kernel of self remains that sustains her thru the torment.  She also is drawn to Rogue even though he let her be taken by those who tortured her.

Rogue…  sigh…  you really tore me up with sitting back and doing nothing while Gwynn was put thru the wringer by her torturers and then did some master manipulation of your own on her.  This would be unforgivable to some but as I see more and more of the world in which you move I can on some levels understand and not condemn you for it but I can see where some others might not be so forgiving.  You allowed your other half to be tortured, beaten, sexually abused and tormented until most would have completely broken without truly revealing what she means to you.  This could have lost you everything but thankfully she redeemed you in her actions at the end.  I still find you incredibly magnetic and beleive you were trying in small measures to help her within the constraints of your world.  

This is a strangely compelling story and world with a lot of intrigue.  Pay close attention as Gywnn has to in order not to miss the nuances of the world and characters we are shown.
 I personally am looking forward to the next glimpses at Rogue and Gwynn.

Thanks to and Carina Press for the chance to read this book in exchange for my honest review.  

Rogue’s Pawn – Jeffe Kennedy – 4 Stars

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