Island of Secrets – Janni Nell – 3 stars

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This was my first foray in to this series and while cute was nothing truly noteworthy.  I enjoyed it enough where if I have a window of time for a quick read I would go back and read the others but not enough for me to go running out and filling the back-list.

Allegra struck me as someone who wants to do stuff on her own but is too reliant on the fact that she has her very own Guardian Angel.  She does things that bite her in the a@# but then seems to get upset if he doesn’t get there in time to rescue her.  I mean come on…  use your head and think things thru so maybe just maybe you won’t end up in a situation he has to rescue from.  Her childish ways weren’t enough to completely turn me off the book but I just hope that in future stories she grows up a bit and stands more on her own two feet.  I also enjoyed the sexual tension you see in this and hope that for both their sakes it gets resolved soon.

Casper…  sigh….  where can I get my own Casper??  He was extremely patient with her and you can see that the fact he can’t do anything sexual with her is getting a bit harder to resist but he’s a good man and keeps that to himself.  Sexy and patient is a powerful aphrodisiac to most women so he’d be able to get anyone he wanted to if he was able to.

Overall the story was good but Allegra’s TSTL moments wore on me although she does have brains you wonder why she acts first then whines cause she gets stuck…  LOL

Anyway…  thanks to and Carina Press for letting me read this in exchange for my honest review.

Island of Secrets – Janni Nell – 3 stars

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