Sharing Hailey – Samantha Ann King – 4 stars

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Where oh where do I start on this one..

Dear gawd hot and sexy – Check
Alpha males who like to take charge – CHeck
Males who have manners and treat their woman like a queen – Check

I loved this book.  It was more than just sex and more than just the classic friends to lovers story.

Hailey is a smart woman who has just ended a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere and as you get in to the story you see how truly abusive it was.  She doesn’t see it that way until late in the story and that portion is heartbreaking but very well done.  It isn’t glossed over and the author does a great job showing the denials and pains that victims go thru as they come out from  under the spell.  She has been friends with Mark and Tony for years and has lusted after them all that time as well.  She loves both of them and can’t bear to lose them as her friends.  She is going away with her brother and brother’s pregnant wife to Hawaii for the typical family vacation.  The 2 men will also be there as they are truly a part of the family.

Mark and Tony….  yummy yummy yummy ….. Those two are the epitome of Southern gentlemen with wonderful naughty sides.  They both want her and originally had thought she would have to choose one or the other of them but then as they thought about it realized they would be willing to share her if it meant everyone would be happy.  This relationship moves extremely quickly once the feelings are out in the open between them but they are hiding it from her brother since he would not be happy at all.  When he finds out there is a huge moment of tension but that doesn’t last.

The relationship is hot, sexy and yet sweet so it was a great read.  I especially liked towards the end where some acknowledgement as to the speed of the relationship occurs and you get to see this is one that will stand the test of time as the 3 are truly supportive of what each individual needs and are willing to give the space that is needed to fulfill all of them not just one vs the other vs the other.

Go out and grab this…  You won’t be sorry….

Special thanks to and Carina Press for giving me a copy to read in exchange for my honest review…

Sharing Hailey – Samantha Ann King – 4 Stars

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