Blade Song – J.C. Daniels – 5 Stars!!!

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Blade Song

Blade Song – J. C. Daniels – 5 stars

I must say I truly enjoyed this foray in to UF.

Kit is just a wonderfully strong heroine who has not had an easy life. As a half-breed she was severely mistreated by her mother’s family and has major issues to overcome due to that abuse. She has a fair amount of luck and doesn’t waver in her willingness to do the right thing even if it puts her in danger and seems stupid to outsiders. Her main weakness is a soft spot for kids.

Damon… how to describe this Alpha male… is just growly as all get out but you end up loving his intensity and his willingness to be there for Kit even if she doesn’t want him there. He just is yummy and even though this isn’t a romance I was cheering for he and Kit to get together. 

The story itself was fun to read and seeing this new world develop was a great ride. The bad-guy in this was fun to figure out but I am really hoping that J.C. gets the chance to continue this series as there is a bit of an open ending to both his story and Kit/Damon.

J.C. – Thanks for providing me a copy of this to review and read. I really appreciated it and this had no influence on my rating.

Everyone needs to go out and support this author in her self-publishing endeavor and enjoy this book as the reward!

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