When Darkness Hungers – J.K. Beck

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Let me just start by…

*SIGH* Sergius…  How sexy was he?  Let’s just say broody, troubled, alpha, sexy hotness in one ancient vampire body…

Alexis – Great match for the broody Serge… She sees beyond the vampire to the man beneath and falls for him even though she should hate him.  She has left the FBI to become a vampire hunter after the death of her sister.  You see her sister disappeared when she was younger and she just never had closure.  When she discovers what happened to her it drives her to obsession.  She has to uncover who did this and have her vengeance.

The two of them come together thru some manipulation but when they are together it is HOT!

I’m not going to give everything away so just trust me in that this is a good story and was a fun read.

Special thanks to netgalley.com and Bantam for giving me the chance to read this in return for my honest review.

3 strong stars and another series I must go back and read the initial books….

When Darkness Hungers – J.K. Beck

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