Undercover Alliance – Lilly Cain

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Ok…  I liked this one and probably would have enjoyed it more if I had realized it was a part of a series before I started it.

I will be going back and reading the previous books as I did enjoy the writing style and the world this is set in.

My thoughts:

Sarina is a very strong heroine who is at a point in her life where things do not look good and she is lost…  You see she has damage done to her that makes her unable to orgasm.  This may not seem like a huge deal (yeah I know I like them too but not life ending if I couldn’t have them) but in her society this could mean her insanity as her species needs them as a stress reliever/mental release.  She is being forced out of what she knows and loves which makes her a very lost soul.

John is not what he seems…  human…  Yes… but not a meek attorney.  He is a perfect match for the warrior in Sarina.  He being more than he seems is very attractive to Sarina and when they act on the attraction it proves to be something that both of them desperately need.

He gives her back her life….  She gives him what he never thought he would have.

All in all a solid read and worth picking up.

3 solid stars

Undercover Alliance – The Confederacy Treaty #3 – Lilly Cain

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