Can’t Buy Me Love – Molly O’Keefe

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Can’t Buy Me Love – Molly O’Keefe – 3 stars

This is sort of a hard review to write…

I liked the book …  Some sections I adored…  I liked Tara Jean and Luc but something fell flat with them together.  Not that I think they aren’t a good pair but something just wasn’t 100% there with the pairing.

The good:
          1. Tara Jean – You want to not like her at the beginning just from the fact she was willing to participate in the farce used to get the kids home.  You also want to dislike the fact that she is judging people she has never met and just heard about from a man that she knows others have major issues with.  Now how can this be good???  She just is a truly good person under all the pretense and history.  I personally was rooting for her to get an HEA as she so rightly deserved.

         2. Luc – All I can say is HOT HOT HOT HOT.  He has a lot of issues and once again he is one that you want an HEA for since he is just a truly good man.

The annoying:
         1. Victoria – The sister just worked my nerves in this book…  She has the next book but the whole woe is me angle just wore me out.
         2. Eli – He had one redeeming feature in this – He stood up for Tara Jean….  but I’m not sure if I will like him in the next one as he always seemed to be pissed at the world.  Brooding heroes I like but…

Ok…  While I liked the story I’m not sure if I 100% bought that Luc and Tara Jean really were the perfect match…  I’m hoping we get some views of them in the next book that makes me more comfortable with the pair and I really hope that the main pair (see annoying above) make up for their appearances in this one.

Special thanks to and Bantam for providing me the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest review.

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