Cosmic Hearts – Kara Griffin

June 13, 2012 Uncategorized 0

I received a copy of this thru Net Galley and greatly appreciate the chance to read and review the book.

This book has all the signs of being a good idea but… a little poorly executed. I realize that this was meant to be tongue in cheek humor plus campy romance but some of the verbiage used got a little tiresome and (for lack of a better term) infantile. At times I was using one of the terms in the book when thinking, “you’ve got to be druking me!”

Now mind you I liked the main characters, Chance and Valeen, and his brother Jack but the writing itself did start to grate a little on my nerves.

Would I recommend it – ehhh if you have a little time to waste and can tune out some of the prose it wasn’t a bad, dear-god please kill me now so I don’t have to read it again book.

If you like campy humor, silly romance, and just want to get away for a bit – go for it!

If you on the other hand have a pile of other items to get to and don’t want to get jarred out of a scene because of silly prose then give it a pass and come back when you are in the mood for lower B grade sci-fi romance humor.

🙂 i would rate this at about a 2.5 stars read.

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