Empty Wallet Syndrome and Rough Ride!

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I’m going to start this post by saying I loved my first exposure to Keri Ford!!

Rough Ride, The Roughnecks #1 – 5 stars!

This was a quick read for me but I really enjoyed the main pairing along with the supporting characters.

Lane is a troubled soul that is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders (Yummy as they are).  He is harboring a secret that he feels will drive a permanent wedge between him and his brothers.  This secret is revealed in the book but it also is brought out that this is not the only thing that has kept him from having the life he yearns for.  He also needs to be able to see that he is worthy of love and happiness. Thankfully he meets Gretchen…  She sees something in him other than the gruff exterior and of course yummy hotness that everyone else seems to notice.  She also has to let go of her past in order to move forward and become what she deserves.  This is a heartwarming story as both leads have things to work on in order to make this relationship work.  Gretchen figures herself out much faster than Lane but I did like that she pushed and pushed to get him to wake up but was willing to let him go rather than accept a 1/2 life with him.  She wanted it all or would live with nothing….

This was a hot steamy ready and like many others now I want pie!!

Empty wallet syndrome-

Thanks for the recommendation by Nikki Brandyberry – Ramblings From a Chaotic Mind

As much as I love recommendations from the folks I meet on twitter or GoodReads there are times when I curse them…  namely when I look at the statement from Amazon on how much I am spending to get these recommended reads…  This is commonly referred to as Empty Wallet Syndrome.  I tend to suffer from this a lot as I am a known book junkie and always up to picking up yet another book even though I may have a huge backlist still to read.  These innocent book pushers like to spread the misery (happiness) by pointing out how irresistible the next reads are so you must must go out and get them now. In the case above for Keri Ford I now have to go out and pick up the backlist and pre-order the next books just so I can see the other brothers’ stories and HEA.  Geez…  what do people think – I’m just made of money.

Kidding only kidding!!  ğŸ™‚

Keri Ford also has a great blog/website and can be found at Keri Ford’s Official Website

Have fun and Happy Reading!!!

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